The Congress technical tours are an outdoor learning experience that will showcase different cultural and environmental places of significance around Cebu, highlighting community landscape planning, design, and management practices.



Ridge Landscape

The Ridge Landscape Technical Tour will take participants on a trip to higher elevations along the Central Cebu Protected Landscape.This network of forests and watersheds is home to Cebu island's diverse flora and fauna. This landscape is essential in the provision of the city's needs. From the inspiring story of the Kan-irag Nature Park, a once deforested area that has been successfully revived into a functioning watershed to the breathtaking views of the island landscape from the Top of Cebu, this technical tour is a showcase of the people's efforts to protect and manage the landscape.

Total slots: 140 delegates

Notes: Travel by land

Major Activities:

-Lecture on Central Cebu Protected Landscapes

-Abaca harvesting and rope-making demo 

-Visit Kan-Irag Nature Park and lecture on Carbon Forest

-Scenic lunch at West 35



Estuarine Landscape

Highlighting the intersection of land, water and people, the Estuarine Landscape Technical tour features the internationally-awarded eco-toursim destination that is Bojo River. Participants will learn about features of the eastuarine landscape as well as the protection efforts of nearby communities on a boat cruise with an option to take a dip in the river water. A successful example of local community-based eco-toursim, the Bojo River Cruise is proof that tourism can be sustainably managed for the benefit of both the natural landscape being showcased and the communities around it.

Total slots: 60 delegates

Notes: Early call time (6:00 AM), travel by land and river

Major Activities:

-River cruise with swimming and mangrove identification

-Native handicraft demo

-Lecture on local organic farm



Island Landscape

The Island Landscape Technical Tour offers participants the opportunity to visit one of the stopovers for migratory birds on the East Asian-Australasian Flyway – the Olango Island Bird Sanctuary. Witness avian visitors from the north as they take a break in this internationally significant Ramsar site before continuing their flight further south to Australia and New Zealand, a fitting metaphor of our connectedness as a geographic region. This tour will also connect participants with the local community, the co-stewards of this protected island sanctuary.

Total slots: 110 delegates

Notes: Early call time (6:00 AM), travel by land and sea

Major Activities: 

-Lecture about Olango Wildlife Sanctuary

-Mangrove identification and bird watching

-Native handicraft and local delicacies demo



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