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President's Welcome
Fumiaki Takano
Assoc. Prof. Mike Barthelmeh
Delegate, Observer and Secretariat introduction
Assoc. Prof. Mike Barthelmeh
Non-member observers Introduction
Fumiaki Takano

Bangladesh, Cambodia, Mongolia, Vietnam

  • Fumiaki Takano (President at IFLA APR)

    Fumiaki Takano

    President at IFLA APR
Confirmation of 2020 AGM Minutes
Assoc. Prof. Mike Barthelmeh
Matters arising
Assoc. Prof. Mike Barthelmeh
2021 Election Results and Vote
Assoc. Prof. Mike Barthelmeh
Morning Break
President’s Report, President's Award, Advisory Group.
Fumiaki Takano
Treasurer's report
Dr Kuang-Yu Wang
Standing Committees Chair ReportCER (2020/2021)
Bosco So Ho Lung
Standing Committees Chair ReportEAA (2020/2022)
Prof. Zheng Xi

- Chair Report
- Programme Accreditation

  • PX

    Prof. Zheng Xi

    Education & Academic Affairs Standing Committee Chair at IFLA APR
Standing Committees Chair ReportFBP (2020/2021)
Damian Tang
Standing Committees Chair ReportPPP (2020/2022)
Prof. Dr. Takanori Fukuoka
Lunch Break
Working Groups ReportClimate Change (2020/2022)
Claire Martin
Working Groups ReportLandscape without Borders (2020/2021)
Kotchakorn Voraakhom
Secretariat report
Marcel Ewals
2021 LA Awards and Luminary Awards Report
Damian TangMarcel Ewals
World Congress/Council meetings updates

• 2021 Malaysia/update by ILAM
• 2022 South Korea/update by KILA
• 2023 Kenya/Sweden (joint hosting)
• 2024 Turkey

Regional Congress/Council meetings update.

• 2022 South Korea/KILA
• 2023 Japan/JLAU (10min)
• 2024 Taiwan/CTLAS (10min)

Assoc. Prof. Mike Barthelmeh
Assoc. Prof. Mike Barthelmeh
Assoc. Prof. Mike Barthelmeh