Monica Kuo (President at IFLA APR)

Monica Kuo

President at IFLA APR

Prof. Monica Kuo is the chair & dean of Environmental Planning & Design College, Dept. of Landscape Architecture, Chinese Culture University. She is also the honorable president of Chinese Taiwan Landscape Architects Society (CTLAS) and the winner of Outstanding Achievement on Landscape Planning for Tung-Yuan Award, Taiwan.

After received the MLA from U. of Penn., she started her professional practice in Philly. Then she returned to Chinese Taiwan joining the first frontier task, working on the survey and planning of six National Parks in Chinese Taiwan. Following the public services, she was invited as the chair of the Dept. of Landscape Architecture in C.C.U. Since then, with her great interest and passion on research, practicing and teaching, she devoted most of her effort on the promotion of the status of Landscape Architects as well as wide range of Eco-Urbanism, Wetland Protection, Coastal Zone Management, Public Arts and Nature Conservation in Chinese Taiwan.

Prof. Kuo is one of the few scholars persistently dedicated in the wide spectrum of public policies on the environmental protection, landscape education as well as nature and culture conservation.

Dr Misato Uehara (IFLA APR)

Dr Misato Uehara


Associate Professor at Research Center for Social Systems (Dual appointment of department of Agriculture), Shinshu University. Delegate of IFLA Committee in Japan Landscape Architects Union. Misato acquired a doctoral degree of design from Kyushu University. His specialty is design science and landscape design. In recent years, his work focuses on practice and research of revitalization plan after the Tohoku Great Earthquake. He was awarded the Outstanding Award of IFLA AAPME and the Good Design Award 2021, and also the Heisei Memorial Research Grant 2021 for his research.