Toby ​​​​ McCarney (Moderator) (Landscape Architect at Tract Consultants)

Toby ​​​​ McCarney (Moderator)

Landscape Architect at Tract Consultants

Toby is a Landscape Architect based in Melbourne, Australia, where he works for Tract Consultants. He has experience designing compelling tourist destinations in his home city, guiding visitors through the history and culture of Melbourne. A love for research and travel has also taken Toby across Asia to learn how different cities celebrate their unique cultures and landscapes through innovative designs and experiences.

Prof. Hitesh Mehta (President at HM Design)

Prof. Hitesh Mehta

President at HM Design


Prof. Hitesh Mehta, a Kenya/USA Citizen, is recognized by his peers in the academic and professional industry, as one of the world’s leading authorities, practitioners and researchers on sustainable tourism, ecotourism physical planning and both the landscape architectural and architectural aspects of ecolodges. Prof. Mehta has a distinguished history in academia and is currently a Professor and Executive in Residence at Florida International University (FIU).

Prof. Mehta regularly conducts research on international trends in Ecotourism and Ecolodges and is the author and photographer of the award-winning Authentic Ecolodges by world renowned publisher - Harper Collins. Prof. Mehta is also the editor of the International Ecolodge Guidelines. In July 2006, National Geographic identified Prof. Mehta as one of five Sustainable Tourism Pioneers in the world mainly because of his Master Planning work to protect endangered habitat and alleviate human poverty.

Prof. Mehta is a founding member of Global Ecotourism Network (GEN) and was until 2015, the longest serving Board Member of The International Ecotourism Society (16 yrs). Whilst at TIES, he was the chair of the Standards and Ethics committee and under his leadership, the definition of Ecotourism was tweaked and all the principles were revised. Additionally, Prof. Mehta has been a Board member of International School of Sustainable Tourism (ISST), Philippines since 2010.

Prof. Mehta has 36 years’ experience, having worked, and consulted in over 67 countries on six continents. He is a Landscape Architect, Architect, Interior Architect and Environmental Planner and is a multi-International award winning designer with Awards in Landscape Architecture, Planning, Architecture, Urban Design, Creative Writing and Interior Design. His holistic multi-disciplinary firm, HM Design is currently working on ethical projects in India, Kenya and Liberia. In 2015, UNEP presented Mr. Mehta with an Outstanding Achievement Award for his work in helping protect pristine environments and creating sustainable tourism products.

Prof. Nappy L. Navarra (Member at Philippine Association of Landscape Architects (PALA))

Prof. Nappy L. Navarra

Member at Philippine Association of Landscape Architects (PALA)

Nappy L. Navarra finished his BA Political Science and B in Landscape Architecture from the University of the Philippines Diliman. He completed his Master in Tropical Landscape Architecture degree in the same institution. He proceeded to take his Doctor of Engineering, Major in Environmental Planning and Design from the University of Tokyo.

He currently serves as Professor in the College of Architecture, University of the Philippines-Diliman. Aside from handling teaching loads, he is the present Coordinator of the Integrated Graduate Program and the coordinator of the Environmental Landscape Studio-Laboratory.

Aside from his practice in the academe, he is involved in design consultancy and projects in landscape planning and design that aim to create positive impact to the environment and to the people.