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President's Message -
The Circular Cities Summit 1.0 - 
IFLA APR Regional Congress 2023 - 
IFLA 75th Anniversary Artistic Landscape Competition -
Welcome to the August Edition of IFLA APR's Newsletter!

In the August President's message, President Monica Kuo shares the accomplishments of IFLA's 75th anniversary and significant milestones within IFLA APR. We are also excited to introduce three exceptional upcoming events that are set to redefine our understanding and engagement with urban environments.

Mark your calendars for The Circular Cities Summit 1.0, taking place on 14-15 November in Singapore. This event offers a unique opportunity to explore the redefinition of future cities. Expect to connect with industy experts and witness global leaders coming together to combate climate challenges.

Following this, we invite you to participate in this year's IFLA APR Regional Congress, happening on 16-18 November in Tokyo. Delving into critical themes such as Green Infrastructure, Well-being, and Landscape Culture, this congress promises insightful discussions and knowledge sharing.

Additionally, in celebration of IFLA's 75th Anniversary, a visionary competition is underway. Share your creative vision for future landscapes by 31 August, and you could secure a prize of €750 along with international acclaim. Seize this chance to shape the future and be recognized globally.
President's Message: August 2023
President's Message: August 2023
This month, Monica casts a spotlight on the achievements of IFLA's 75th-anniversary organizing committee. She also highlights IFLA APR's notable milestones, which include the establishment of a landscape education accreditation system and a collaborative effort with ISUH to champion urban environmental justice.
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The Circular Cities Summit 1.0
The Circular Cities Summit 1.0
Don't miss out on The Circular Cities Summit 1.0, happening on 14-15 November at the Sands Convention Center!

Join us for a unique opportunity to learn from industry experts discovering innovative practices that will redefine the cities of the future, and witness global leaders unite to combat climate challenges.

The Circular Cities summit aims to:
  • Address Global Imperatives: Circular economies can detach growth from resource depletion, vital for sustainable cities.
  • Harness Interdisciplinary Synergy: Collaboration among planners, architects, engineers, and landscape experts can transform urban design.
  • Spark Leadership: Uniting diverse leaders empowers them to guide cities towards circular practices.
  • Inspire Convergence: The summit goes beyond talks, fostering cross-disciplinary partnerships.
  • Lead a Movement: It's where circular ideas turn into action, nurturing policies, strategies, and collaborations.

Don't miss out on the chance to be a part of this transformative journey. Register for The Circular Cities Summit 1.0 today!
Register for The Circular Cities Summit 1.0 today!
Sponsorship Opportunities Available at The Circular Cities Summit 1.0
IFLA APR Regional Congress 2023
IFLA APR Regional Congress 2023
This year's IFLA APR Regional Congress will be taking place in Tokyo, Japan, on 16 - 18 November. Themed "Living with Disasters", the congress will focus on various important topics such as Green Infrastructure, Well-being, and Landscape Culture.

This congress isn't just a gathering; it's an opportunity to immerse yourself in groundbreaking ideas and innovation solutions that guide us towards improving the lives of communities worldwide.

Early bird registration ending on 31 August, secure your spot today!
Register For IFLA APR Regional Congress 2023 Here
IFLA 75th Anniversary Artistic Landscape Competition: Open Call
IFLA 75th Anniversary Artistic Landscape Competition: Open Call
Participate for a chance to win €750 in this competition that celebrates IFLA's 75th anniversary through envisioning future landscapes that go beyond conventional landscape architecture, exploring cultural, social, scientific, and artistic dimensions to raise global awareness. Unleash your imagination to contribute to a meaningful global dialogue.

Theme: "Challenges around the world - The landscape of the future. Landscape in 25 years = 100 years of IFLA.”

Who can participate?
Professionals and non-professionals worldwide with no restrictions.

What needs to be submitted?
  • Application form with required information.
  • One image (minimum 300 dpi, one image 800px for website and one image 4000px for a printed version).
  • Release of rights declaration duly signed.

Presentation of the results:
Online as well as in the context of the IFLA World Congress 28-30 September 2023 in Nairobi, Kenya and Stockholm, Sweden.

Application deadline:
31st August 2023.
Submit Your Design Here
IFLA Asia Pacific LA & Luminary Awards 2023
IFLA Asia Pacific LA & Luminary Awards 2023
We appreciate your patience. At the moment, we are diligently reviewing all submissions to finalize the list of winners. Given the remarkable quantity and quality of entries, we are considering the possibility of postponing the announcement from August to September. Rest assured, we will provide you with an update on our progress by next week. Thank you for your understanding.
Contribute To Our IFLA APR Newsletter!
Contribute To Our IFLA APR Newsletter!
Want to share your opinion or expertise on landscape architecture with the IFLA APR community of more than 10,000? Have an event you think the community would be interested to attend?

We invite you to submit your article or event to us. Get your voice heard, your piece could be featured here and on the IFLA APR website! Let us know your intention to submit now!

*All feature requests are subject to approval by IFLA APR. Event information should be submitted at least 21 days before event.
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Join Our Young LA Alliance
Join Our Young LA Alliance
Are you a passionate Landscape Architect under the age of 35?

The Young LA Alliance is a free membership program providing opportunities for young professionals to grow and learn. This global network of passionate Landscape Architects is ready to shape the future of the industry.

Join this community and engage with your peers, learn about the profession through potential mentorships, and more. Unleash your potential and take your first leap as a young Landscape Architect with IFLA in the Young LA Alliance.
Join The Young LA Alliance
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