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Welcome to the November Edition of IFLA APR's Newsletter.

Climate change requires urgent attention; the detriments of the climate crisis can be catastrophic. Prof. Shao Jizhong and his team share about design concepts to mitigate flooding, and the IFLA Climate Action Commitment outlines the tenets of climate action that landscape architects can follow.

We also share an article on biophilic design and principles, featuring Gamuda Gardens in Malaysia. Finally, the Indian Society of Landscape Architects (ISOLA) has issued a Call for Papers for their upcoming ISOLA National Conference 2022.

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Flood disaster in the underground space——Blocked or unblocked
Flood disaster in the underground space——Blocked or unblocked
With evolving climate conditions that lead to extreme weather disasters, there is a growing need to relook at current strategies for climate change mitigation and adaptation.

Prof. Shao Jizhong and his team highlight the impact of flooding in urban underground space and how landscape architecture plays a part in mitigating flood disasters.
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COP26 – Climate Action Commitment
COP26 – Climate Action Commitment
The work of landscape architects help design the world we live in, thereby shaping the way we interact with our environment. The impending global climate crisis needs to be addressed immediately, and it is vital to facilitate the interaction between people and the environment in ways that support climate action.

The IFLA Climate Action Commitment addresses this by calling on landscape architects to delivering landscape solutions sustainably.

Read more for the full IFLA Climate Action Commitment.
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Gamuda Gardens: A Biophilic Niche in The Making
Gamuda Gardens: A Biophilic Niche in The Making
The pandemic has restricted travel and forced us to stay within our home vicinities, largely limiting the fulfillment of our needs for social interaction and connecting with nature. Biophilic design is a concept that addresses this, incorporating green, natural elements into urban infrastructure for people to be engaged directly in nature in their daily lives.

Gamuda Gardens was developed to make Selangor, Malaysia a biophilic city for a holistic living community. Read on for the planning and design approach and features of Gamuda Gardens.
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14th ISOLA National Conference - Call for Papers
14th  ISOLA National Conference - Call for Papers
ISOLA is hosting its first virtual annual conference in February 2022 on the theme UNBUILT LANDSCAPES, focusing on:

  1. The issues and approaches through a multi-disciplinary outlook of varied sciences, research, and demonstrations
  2. Landscape design responses to settlements and urbanization
  3. Landscape architecture as an enabler of a symbiotic relationship between the natural and man-made realms

ISOLA is inviting for the submission of Papers that effectively address the theme of the conference - Unbuilt Landscapes - to inform critical issues and bring forth ideas and inculcating them in our approaches to designing for the future. Deadline for submission is November 30.

Read on for more information on the submission of abstracts.
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Calling All Brands: Amplify Your Brand With Our New Webinar Series!
Calling All Brands: Amplify Your Brand With Our New Webinar Series!
Interested to raise your profile, promote your products and services, or even share your winning proposal and projects?

IFLA-APR has launched a webinar series for online learning that will enable attendees to earn CPD points with their respective associations. This initiative is designed for continued exchange and to promote learning opportunities during this challenging period.

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